Sunday, September 4, 2016

Stuffs and things...

Once again, I lose an entire month. August came. And August went. 

So what happened in August? Stuffs and things. 

This wasn't in August, it was at the end of the July, but Bailey got to attend 4H State Congress. This was a really big deal for him, and he got to go after winning 1st place at his regional DPA. Even though he didn't place at state, he had a terrific time, and it was an amazing experience for him. Plus, he gets another chance to go next year (if you win at state, you don't get to compete again as they consider it as you have "mastered"). 

My boy, in the news! ;) 

Was fortunate enough to see Def Leppard and REO Speedwagon with some lovely ladies. It was SO much fun! 

Oh yeah - I have a 17 year old and a 12 year old. 

What? When? How? 

I mean, yeah, of course I know how. But the, that's the tough part. I'm pretty sure it was just yesterday that each them were wee little babies. Now one is grown (close enough to grown ), and the other is on the cusp of the dreaded teen years (actually not dreaded, Bailey has yet to go through the stereotypical teenage angsty years, no reason to think Braeden will). I really, truly can't wait to see to who these guys become as they can get older, but my heart just aches when I think of how much time has passed. 

Bailey age 3 months / age 17. 

Braeden age 1 day / age 12.
That's about it for August, really. We are getting ready to start their next school year. Normally, from year to year, nothing changes too drastically. We've been with Time4Learning for so long, and it's still working for us, so there's no need to change it up. BUT - this year, we are adding something new to their curriculum, and we're so excited about it! Time4Learning just announced Time4Languages, an online language learning add-on. Woot! Spanish for Braeden and French for Bailey.  

Alrighty. I'm out. Hope everyone will join me in my "bring on the fall" chants... ;)

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