Saturday, October 1, 2011

Accessorizing and feeling realllly old. And homeschooling?

If I could change my shoes and my handbag three times a day, I would. Don't really care as much about the clothes as I do the shoes and bags, but that's just me. Anyway, accessorizing is just what we ladies do. I think that same mentality should hold true for my blog as well. I'm sure you have noticed that I change the design of my blog every so often. Usually seasonally. From now until the end of the year are some of my favorite "accessory" changes! I may leave the Halloween one I have now up until after October 31. Or I may change it five more times before then. You just never know. This is your warning. ;)

So ... I know I talk all the time about how time flies. But sometimes things hit me like a ton of bricks. Example? This week marked the 20th anniversary of the release of Nirvana's Nevermind album. Otherwise known as one of THE best albums. Ever.

Whoa. Wait. What??

I know!

For those of you who remember buying that album as vividly as I do, I'm going to give you a moment to let that sink in.

Twenty. Freaking. Years.

I was 14 years old when I bought that album. And I knew every word to every song by the end of the first weekend with it. That album is still with me today. On my iPod at all times. Why? It's one of those defining albums for me. That one and Pearl Jam's Ten. I don't know that I could explain it; why they were so defining or why they're still with me. Other than of my day?

Music of my day? Oh gawd. Listen to me. Pretty soon I'm going to be talking about these young whippersnappers today that wouldn't know good music if it fell out of the sky and landed on their face. ;)

Ok, moment over. Moving on...

This week was a great week for us. School is going well. Master's is going great. The soccer season is going fairly smoothly this fall. We have only had one rain out so far, lol. This week both of the boys won their soccer games! That's always exciting. With the return of soccer each season, comes the return of the small town introduction. No, that's not a "hello" like in most societies. Small town intros run like this "Now, what church do you go to?" or "Why don't I recognize your son from school?"

How I wish I was lying or being sarcastic. But this is true.

Since this is Bailey's 7th year playing with the recreation department, most of the families we interact with at that age range know us and know we don't have to do through the whole "we are heathen homeschoolers" spiel. But in Braeden's age group, no one really knows us yet.

So I explain. No, we don't go to church. Yes, I am a Christian (not the crazy Westboro kind), not that it's anyone's business. We just don't like the hypocrisy we find in church. Especially small town churches where the congregation is comprised of two families. No, I don't think I'm better than your child's teacher, or better than you, or that my kids are too good for the public school. Although, come to think of it, maybe I should say that. Then they would just ignore me all together. :D

Having said all that, it's not entirely bad. I am used to the questions and sometimes I get those questions that aren't condescending or criticizing. Sometimes people really do want to know how we make it work. Especially when I do look like a heathen (In rural communities, tattoos = the devil. The more you have, the closer you are to hell, lol), yet my kids can speak intelligently, and politely. Heh.

Anyway, those questions I love answering! So many people think they just can't do it. But why? Why has our society made them feel like teachers are the only ones who can teach? Take early child education. Technically that starts at home. Who teaches your child their first sounds and their first words? Who teaches them their colors and shapes. Who is the first person to read a book with them? More than likely YOU were the one that I did all that, not a teacher. That's homeschooling.

No, really. That's homeschooling. Sure, it's gets a little more complicated as they get older. But the principle holds. You know what's best for your child. You can see them and how they learn. You are the best person to help them get an individualized education; one suited for their learning style. If your child likes workbooks and textbooks, that's great. Find them, lol. If your child, like mine, lives and breathes computers, find an online program. Do some of both. Do neither. Even if your child is gifted or needs special education, you can still homeschool. You find what works for your children, and for you.

I would never say it's easy. And I will tell you that you have to want to do it, and do it correctly. But I can also tell you that it is one of the most fulfilling decisions I could have made, and I have never regretted going that route with our family. :)

Ok. I'm done. I talk too much, I know. Hope everyone has a great week!


topsy-techie said...

Golly I love reading your blog posts. I just do. It's a weekly highlight. Just thought you should know. Maybe that will counteract at least one of the dirty-tattooed-heathen glares you'll get this week. ;)

Kat said...

Awww, thanks Topsy!! That will help, definitely. :D