Friday, November 12, 2010

Extra-curricular Activities / Lessons...?

I don't know how we managed to reach the ages of 11 and 6 without the boys asking us for some type of artsy or musical lessons.  Really.  But we did.

Braeden has enjoyed playing online art and music games on a great website,  He enjoys playing any game on the computer, but he's really taken a shine to the music ones.  He loves playing Rockband (we play this as a family but we also got the boys the Rockband 3 game for their DSs) and really enjoys just listening to music.  He does really well with remembering lyrics and a while back starting requesting music by artist.  He has an awesome, eclectic taste.  He likes a little bit of everything, but right now he is as obsessed with the Glee soundtrack as I am, lol.

He has a small guitar that he got for his birthday a couple of years ago and has enjoyed playing around with that. On this year's Christmas list, he has been begging, begging for these new things called Paper Jamz.  Personally, I can't imagine these lasting more than an hour because they are made out of paper. Well, cardboard actually.  But they really do play.  They have guitars, drums...even amps.

At this point, we are kinda thinking we want to explore his musical interest more. We are talking about trying to find him some music lessons, but he's struggling with pinning down just one instrument right now.  I'm not opposed to him playing more than one, most musicians do, but we have to start somewhere.  And I don't want to have to sell an organ to pay for music lessons for multiple instruments at once.

Fortunately for us, we have a local music store where people can take lessons. I also have my dad (if Braeden wants to play a guitar), when we get a chance to see him.

Bailey enjoys listening to music, but that is a new found thing for him.  Where Braeden has been loving music his whole life, Bailey just really started getting interested in it a couple of years ago.  His tastes aren't quite as eclectic as mine or Braeden's, but he does like a decent array of genres.

Music lessons probably won't come into play for Bailey.  He likes it, even enjoys playing Rockband, but he doesn't seem to want to go any further than having color-coded keys.  I don't blame him there, lol...

Bailey's passion is in art.  He loves painting and drawing.  He has some "How to Draw" books that we've picked up for him and last year, he really started to delve into painting.  My sister in law is an incredible artist.  No, I'm not just saying that.  She's amazing, but she doesn't give herself the credit she deserves. Anyway, last year for Christmas, Bailey wanted some paint and a desk easel. Grandma got those things for him and Stacy (the SIL) was able to show him some great techniques, like how to make trees and blending colors.

It was a great start and I'm thinking he has some natural ability.  Here is a painting he did of a character from a webcomic that he's been reading:

He also completed the animated art program that our homeschool curriculum offers.  He enjoyed it so much that after he finished it the first time, he went through it again.  If he only had the same enthusiasm for the other subjects...

If we find music lessons for Braeden, it would only be fair to try and find some art lessons for Bailey.  I have been doing a little research online, and have found a few things.  All of them are in Athens, which is almost an hour away, but we go there often enough we could find a way to just combine trips or something.

Stacy would make an excellent art instructor and I wish we were able to have her give Bailey more lessons.  Unfortunately for us, she's living on a tropical island at the moment.  Yeah...hardship, huh? ;)

Given our soccer and scouting schedules, I'm not sure when we would squeeze these lessons in, but we do what we do for our kiddos.

If anyone has any ideas about either music or art lessons, feel free to share! :^)

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